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Life is Not What I Thought It Was

Enter at the risk of your own sanity

Centered and True
18 August 1986

Hellooo! My name is Whitney... I guess I'l start with the basics.

I go to George Fox University. This is going to be the third year. I'm going to the the Resident Assistant in the brand-spanking new apartment so I'm extremely excited about that!

My two best friends in the whole wide world ever are practically polar opposites, but it seems to work for us. Konrad is going to be a sophomore this year at Chemeketa Community College. He's my confidante. With all our late night Taco Bell trips, we are practically keeping that place in business... Christy is my other best friend. She's married and she just graduated from OSU! Yay! Her and I like to camwhore alot, so chances are, most of the pics in this journal were taken by her, with her or while we were hanging out sometime... Without these two amazing people,I would explode! They listen to my rants and keep me sane. Gotta love em!

My journal is pretty crazy. I'd say most of the posts are "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG" type of posts. But that's just the person I am. I'm crazy insane one second and utterly predictable the next. My journal reflects that, or so I like to think.

Over all, my life is pretty amazing. I have my share of tough times, but when I look at it from a distance, it's good. Kind of like a painting sometime of you look at it close, it sucks, but when you stand back and squint your eyes a little, a beautiful master piece. That's my life. Only truly cherished by the artist and simply understood by the on-lookers...