Centered and True (chickidee4god) wrote,
Centered and True

A little too close to home.


I feel like it’s just never a good idea for me to listen to CMT. This afternoon as I was getting ready to go pick up Konrad from the airport (!), I listened to the CMT Top 20 Countdown. I like listening to countdowns because they introduce me to new music. Today was no exception. Somewhere between smoothing on some moisturizer and curling my hair, I fell in love with some great new songs by Keith Urban, Josh Turner and Lady Antebellum. Somewhere in the last few videos was the Carrie Underwood song “Temporary Home” from her newest album, Play on. I own this album. I know it by heart. I’ve listened to it countless times. This particular song is not one of my favorites, I almost always skip it, in fact. Just so happens that this song came on as I was applying mascara and anyone who knows about mascara knows that you can’t pause between coats or goes on all wonky… anyways, so I let the song play. Part of the way through I took a quick break from getting ready and sat down to reply to some texts. I ended up watching the video and towards the end, during the third verse I think, there’s a break in the song and a short hospital scene during which Carrie says to her dying father/grandfather “Thanks for waiting for me.”

Damn it, CMT.

Damn it, Carrie Underwood.

You ruined my mascara.


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